November 24, 2015

Whole Foods Customers Buy More Than Just Organic

The funniest part of this guy donning “the apron” and pretending to work at a Whole Foods in New York, is how the patrons don’t seemed at all phased by his antics.

In fact, they seem to buy it hook, line and sinker.

I’d be willing to bet most of these people consider themselves fairly smart. They probably would feel insulted if I described them as gullible. Yet, there they are, spending their hard-earned money on over-priced stuff just because somebody slapped weasel-words to make you think you’re getting a better quality product. Throughout the video, the faux-employee spouts these hackneyed words and phrases, along with some outright nonsense. The Whole Foods customers seem to drink deeply of the offered Kool-aid.

Just because Whole Foods charges more, doesn’t mean they are any better

Don’t believe me? There have been plenty of reports detailing just how big a scam the “Natural Foods” industry is. This is the same industry who has targeted Big Ag Companies (like Monsanto) and painted them as vile purveyors of the dreaded GMO’s and poisoners of the average consumer.  Those consumers lift retailers like Whole Foods up into a 260 billion dollar marketplace that other retailers like Wal*Mart and even everyday Mom & Pop shops are trying to capitalize upon. That is because, in spite of a huge bank of evidence that GM crops represent our best hope of feeding a hungry world, “Big-Organic” has convinced the privileged that they are poison. A credulous public, eager to turn a critical eye toward the agricultural industry, somehow fails to apply the same skepticism to the higher-priced options they shell out good  money for.

Of course, I have to wonder if some of these customers are a bit more incredulous than they seem; maybe they’re just being nice until the crazy dude clears off. They ARE shopping at a Whole Foods though, so…

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