November 27, 2015

Ira and Mel B, A Puppet Love Story

Ira Fennelbloom is 32 years old, he lives with his mother and he’s got a thing for Melanie Brown. That makes the fact that he is a puppet, the least of his worries.

Ira is a most endearing character, the every-man underdog we all love to cheer for. Even his overbearing mother is cute, in her own, domineering way. But there is something special about Ira that he is just waiting to reveal. In order to make to the big time, Ira is going to need to put aside comfortable, middle-aged nebbishness; he’s going have to go for it. Even Ira’s mother, as much as she clearly loves him and would do anything for him, seems to know that Ira needs a little push to leave the nest.

So, what’s Ira going to do? He’s going to follow his dreams. He’s going to slick down his fleecy comb-over, square his shoulders, and he’s going to audition for the judges at America’s Got Talent. Among that august panel of experts is none other than Mel B, herself.

If you didn’t see how this newly self-assured puppet did in his audition, I’m not going to spoil it for you, other than to say, it didn’t go as easily for our hero as we would hope.  Watch the video, and let me know what you think.

Why am I writing about a puppet? Well, if you don’t know me, I’ve been a puppet enthusiast my entire life. In the summer, I run a kids puppetry and performance conference at a camp, where each child creates their own character and performs with it. While Ira’s numbers are kind of racy for a children’s puppetry conference, I think Ira’s creators have hit upon a fun, endearing formula that makes him stand out among a crowded field.

I hope you enjoy Ira’s antics as much as I did. Here’s a follow-up video from Ira’s next appearance on AGT.


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