April 13, 2016

Seeking Camp Counselors!

Looking for an interesting, challenging, thrilling and downright fun thing to do this summer? Like working with kids? “Clarence & The Godzooks’ Most Amazing Puppet Show” is looking for teenage and adult counselors for an upcoming summer camp conference for 5th and 6th graders. Running July 10-16 of this year, our conference allows conferees to build their very own hand puppets and then perform with them in front of the entire camp in a rollicking, funny and musical show at the end of the week.

Here’s a quick video:


Counselors responsibilities include all the things you might expect; modeling good behavior, drying homesick tears, keeping the herd together, walking to, participating in, and walking back from activities, meals and medication runs. They sleep with the kids and generally help to keep everyone safe. Additionally, counselors are full participants in the program, helping kids build their puppets (and one of their own, of course). Counselors will also be a team leader for their part of the final performance, guiding the children in rehearsal and having a large amount of input into the show.

Counselors are supported to a very high degree by the Deans of the conference, and by the well-trained, enthusiastic camp staff.  You will never be left in a situation where you have too many kids in an unmanageable situation.

Teaching, puppetry or theatrical skills are a huge plus, but are not absolutely required. Counselors can be age 16 through adults, we’ll need both male and female. A comprehensive, online training program is required, most of which can be done in one night. You will be asked to come to the camp a day early for setup and additional training. If we accept you as a counselor, we’ll share with you the stuff you’ll need, and have several Google Hangouts or physical meetups if possible, before the conference gets underway.

No pay, but the perks…

Silver Lake CampfireThis is a volunteer gig, and we are asking you to take a full week out of your summer, but there are a few perks. Meals are provided and the food service staff are adept at accommodating any special dietary requirements. By most camping standards, the sleeping accommodations are very comfortable. Counselors are given an hour break every day, to can catch up on emails and phone calls, go off site for bit, take a nap, or whatever. In return for your time, you are rewarded with hugs, cheers, laughter, singing, campfires, s’mores, and the opportunity to be part of a child’s memories that will last them a lifetime.


The conference takes place at Silver Lake Conference Center in Sharon, CT. It’s a beautiful facility, affiliated with the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ. So, yes, it is a “church” camp, but Silver Lake is known as a place of extravagant welcome, and radical inclusion. Kids of all stripes and orientations can freely express themselves in love and safety. Children are given the space to explore their faith or even whether or not to embrace any faith at all. The focus is on being in Nature and community with one another.

Where do I sign up?

If you’ve gotten this far, and I haven’t scared you off yet, then chances are, you’re pretty excited about this conference. The next step is to send an email to with your contact information, tell me a little about yourself, and what skills you could bring to the conference. We are looking to assemble a dynamic and diverse team who will be ready to hit the ground running.  It’s a perfect opportunity for high school and college students to put on their resume, and expand your skill set.

Time is of the essence

Planning for this amazing, fun and fulfilling opportunity, is already well underway. Get in early and be part of the process! There are a limited number of counselor slots available, based upon total enrollment. Children are already reserving their place in the conference, so the sooner we can get counselors committed, the better!

Wait, I know a kid…

You probably do, and we would love for them to join us! Even if you cannot help by being a counselor, you probably know a child or two who would flourish in a wild and creative conference like ours. Please feel free to pass along the email above, or the website URL below. If a kid you know is interested in going, but the parent’s cannot afford the cost, there are programs available to offset or fully fund the week, depending on need. Have the child’s parents contact Silver Lake or me, and we will confidentially steer them toward the right program.

More Information:

Silver Lake Conference Center
223 Low Road, Sharon, CT  06069 – A good resource, includes a downloadable calendar of all the available conferences.

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