November 9, 2016

Good Morning, Everyone!

It’s a good day. We woke up this morning, breathed in and out, and we have a new President-elect that we either wanted or did not.

Today, I refuse to be afraid.

Today, I will not be considering a move to Canada, although it is a lovely country and great to visit.

Today, I strengthen my resolve to be a voice for the disenfranchised, for the oppressed, for the abused, for the shunned, for the hungry, for those who have suffered for the sake of our country, for the marginalized.

Today, I affirm my brotherhood even with those with whom I vehemently disagree, because ultimately, we are all in this together.

Today, I will stand with my fellow citizens, strongly patriotic and hopeful that all the checks and balances built into our way of government, will work as intended.

To the losers in this fight, I offer solace in the fact that your’s was a hard-fought struggle. You had much to overcome, and nearly half the country was with you. Your cause is not defeated, you live to fight another day.

To the winners, I offer hearty congratulations, and hope that someday you will understand that every victory comes at a cost. I pray that the cost of your victory does not outweigh the rewards.

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