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Pain on Deep Inspiration

Pain on Deep Inspiration Cover featuring a front view of an ambulance with emergency lights flashing.

Cast: 2
Genre: drama
Keywords: terminal illness, life and death, human spirit, raw and honest, meaning of life, mortality, authentic dialogue, profound insights, power of connection, acceptance and regret

One-act. Run time approx. 30 min. Experience the powerful and intimate journey of “Pain on Deep Inspiration”, a poignant one-act play that delves into the complexities of life, death, and the human spirit. Join Sarah James, a terminally ill patient, and Marc (Digger) DiGenovese, an empathetic paramedic, as they engage in a raw and honest conversation that challenges perceptions and explores the quest for meaning in the face of mortality. With authentic dialogue, moments of humor, and profound insights, this gripping play invites audiences to contemplate the significance of every breath and the lasting impact we have on others. Prepare to be deeply moved by “Pain on Deep Inspiration” and its exploration of acceptance, regret, and the power of human connection.

A Fine Job of It

Cast: 2
Genre: adult comedy

Keywords: one-act play, masculinity, friendship, humor, vasectomy, men’s health, identity, fear, acceptance

One-act, run time approx. 12-15 min. Minimal staging. As two everyman construction workers, Bert and Kevin, wait their turn at a clinic for a shared but mysterious appointment, they exchange stories, worries, and camaraderie in ways that challenge notions of masculinity and friendship. Their engaging banter and escalating tension reveal their purpose: they’re there for a vasectomy. Exploring themes of fear, change, and the enduring bonds of friendship, “A Fine Job of It” offers a humorous and insightful perspective on men’s reluctance to deal with personal health issues. The play cleverly intertwines the casual humor of everyday conversation with deeper themes of identity, fear, and acceptance, resulting in a one-act play that leaves audiences both entertained and moved.

Flutter-By and Meadowsong

Cover for Flutter-By and Meadowsong, featuring a meadow full of fluffy dandelions.

Cast: 2
Genre: comedy, young audiences

Keywords: ten-minute, one-act, kids, pre-teens, JTP

A delightful and heartwarming 10-minute one-act play that can be enjoyed by audiences of all ages. This whimsical tale explores the journey of Flutter-by, a grass faerie, and MeadowSong, a garden faerie, as they discover the beauty and significance of their roles in nature.

With a minimal set requirement, this enchanting play features two main characters and can be performed by actors aged 10 years old to adult, regardless of gender. The costumes include normal “yard-work” clothes adorned with diaphanous wings, adding a touch of magic to the performance.

Through witty dialogue and relatable characters, “Flutter-by and MeadowSong” takes the audience on a journey filled with friendship, self-discovery, and the appreciation of the natural world. The play’s uplifting message and charming interactions will leave audiences with a renewed sense of wonder and a smile on their faces.

Ideal for theater groups, schools, and community organizations seeking a captivating and easily producible piece, this play is perfect for showcasing the talents of young and adult actors alike. Share the magic of “Flutter-by and MeadowSong” with your audience, as it proves that even the simplest moments can hold extraordinary beauty and meaning.

Corey Thinks He’s an Alien

Cover for Corey Thinks He's an Alien, featuring a young boy's hand reaching toward a light from above.

Genre: comedy, young audience
Cast: 4

Keywords: ten-minute, one-act, kids, pre-teens, JTP

One-act for Kids; 2 girls/2 boys. Run time approx. 10 mins. A fun, one-act comedy, that takes audiences on a hilarious journey into the imaginative world of Corey, a peculiar young boy who believes he’s been inhabited by an extraterrestrial being. As the play unfolds, new friends Mary Jane and Darla, along with Corey’s best friend Jason, navigate through lunchtime conversations, unexpected encounters, and the true test of friendship. With witty banter, comical situations, and a touch of intergalactic charm, this play explores themes of acceptance, understanding, and the power of laughter. “Corey Thinks He’s an Alien” is an uproarious comedy that promises to leave audiences in stitches and craving more cosmic adventures. Fun dialog for kids, along with some big words, and a surprise twist at the end, makes this short play an entertaining way for students to show off their acting chops.

Goldilocks and the Three Hairs

Cover for Goldilocks and the Three Hairs by Sean Alan Morris.

Cast: 5
Genre: adaptation, comedy, fable/folktale, parody/spoof, young audiences

Keyword: fractured fairy tale, JTP

One Act for kids. Run time approx. 10 min. A delightful one-act play for kids that adds a modern twist to the beloved tale. Join Goldilocks as she visits her stylish and fashionable cousins, the Hair sisters. Filled with laughter, surprises, and valuable life lessons, this play captivates young audiences and leaves them wanting more.

In this charming adaptation, Goldilocks discovers a table full of chocolates but quickly realizes that not all chocolates are created equal. Hilarity ensues as she tries to find the perfect treat. Along the way, children learn about honesty, responsibility, and the importance of family bonds.

“Goldilocks and the Three Hairs” offers a delightful blend of humor, imagination, and life lessons, making it the perfect theatrical experience for young audiences. With its lively characters, witty dialogue, and heartwarming resolution, this play promises to entertain, educate, and enchant both children and parents alike. It’s a great way to teach young actors how to play comedy “straight”.

Junior Thespian Project

Plays and monologues designated with the keyword “JTP” are offered under the Junior Thespian Project. Educators are allowed to use them in classroom or workshop settings, without incurring a royalty. Students may perform these works before a non-paying audience. If admission is to be charged, a small, one-time royalty fee per performance, is assessed.

All performances require a license, even the free ones, which includes minimal, but standard, requirements for attribution of the author(s) in all posters and playbills. Please email for more information.


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