Sean Alan Morris is All About Himself

Sean Alan MorrisSean Alan Morris is extremely handsome, smart, humble and likes to refer to himself in the third person.

In reality, exactly none of that is true, so you can add “liar” that to my list of accomplishments. Maybe a better word is “confabulator”. Better still, I’m a “Story Teller”.

Truly, I am just a guy who likes to write. I’ve written plays, short stories, and at any one time, have several projects in the process. During the day, I pay the bills by working as an IT/Systems Analyst and Paramedic for a private ambulance service in Connecticut.

If you enjoy my work, feedback is always welcomed. If you don’t, what the hell are you even reading this for? Seriously?

Like many bloggers, I do make use of affiliate links to help offset costs associated with running a website and blog of my own. When you click on those links and make a purchase, I get a minuscule portion of that. If you don’t click on those links, it won’t kill me, but every little bit helps. I’ll try my best to not be one of THOSE bloggers, more interested in selling you shit than writing good stuff for you to read.

Oh, and one more thing; sometimes I am prone to use common vulgarity in my writing. Get the fuck over it.

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